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Jun 19
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    CP Industries Delivers Turnkey Test Systems for Head-Up Display Windshield Glass Using ProMetric® Imaging Photometers & TT-HUD™ Software


Challenge: Design a fully integrated, automated test system for HUD glass inspection that meets the unique requirements of automotive glass manufacturers.

Opportunity: Replace machine vision cameras and software in HUD glass test systems with photometric measurement equipment and software developed for industry-standard HUD testing. Improve development speed and system flexibility while continuing to deliver data customers need.

Solution Components: Radiant Vision Systems’ ProMetric® Y Imaging Photometer and TT-HUD™  Software.

Solutions Benefits: Radiant’s HUD measurement solution offers multiple advantages to meet CP Industries’ needs:

  • Software with built-in analyses for visual HUD testing, developed to address industry standards and automotive OEM & supplier requirements.
  • Built-in calculation and measurement of geometric HUD properties to evaluate Ghosting, Distortion, and more, with efficient data.
  • Electronic focus and aperture control to automate camera lens settings for various HUD image distances.
  • Flexibility to use a single system for multiple measurement needs.

Results: The CP Industries HUDSON test system leverages HUD measurement tools from Radiant to eliminate custom programing of dimensional HUD tests required for glass inspection, enabling design flexibility and shortening system lead times by approximately 10 weeks. The Radiant equipment works in concert with robotic positioning and performs on-board calculations to output visual inspection data in reports that customers can easily use and understand. The result is a seamless, fast, and cost-effective solution for the customer and an agile platform for future systems development by CP Industries.

(photo by Radiant Vision Systems)

Example of testing visual HUD performance through the windshield using a camera system for automated visual inspection


(Illustration by Radiant Vision Systems)

Illustration of the HUD eyebox – within this area, the HUD virtual image is completely visible through the windshield.

The HUDSON test system from CP Industries addresses complete customer requirements for HUD glass inspection and can be incorporated as part of a fully automated production line or used in offline measurement.

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